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Sebastian unconsciously tried to eat his master…

Sebas-chan, you’re not Luffy. You don’t sleep-eat.

Kuroshitsuji 95

Ciel: You intended to eat me, didn't you?

Sebastian: I was only 90% serious about it. :)

Me: ...

Me: So... what? You were going to leave 10% of his soul uneaten?


If you see a work that you like, whether it is a fanfic, a graphic, an edit, a fanart, etc., like/reblog it! Why, you ask? It gives the creator motivation and inspiration to create more works. Notes, or even nice messages, are an indication to the creator that people love their work and that creating more would bring joy to the viewers. So basically, liking or reblogging someone’s work could make their day so much better!

Three Great Dōjutsu 
"Three Great Eye Techniques"

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"On that day, young pirates who are now famous all lined up to watch. Or that’s what I heard. The entire world was watching as the Pirate King was executed."

— Silvers Rayleigh, Chapter 506

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